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  • Free Google Ads Webinar

    by Martin Woodfield FCIM / 19 Jul 21

    We are running a free Google Ads webinar as part of the Leeds Digital Festival. This session is designed to give you practical insights into how they work, and how to create cost-effective campaigns.

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  • Back to the Classroom - with 10 Free Courses

    by M Training Team / 04 May 21

    To celebrate the return to the classroom, we are giving away 10 free courses during May. We are also offering 10% off all public classroom courses booked in May. Take a look to see what's on offer...

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  • SEO Jargon Buster 2021

    by Luis Crean / 15 Apr 21

    Does SEO make your head spin with all its acronyms and jargon. Not need to panic - just use our SEO Jaron Buster to decipher the SEO babble :-)

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  • How to exclude landing page URL parameters

    by Martin Woodfield FCIM / 17 Mar 21

    Do you see strange urls in your Google Analytics Landing page reports? Such as this /pagename/?msclkid=e73f68e4aa14124b783708bfba6a0dd7. These URLs have additional 'parameters' added by Google Ads, Facebook, Microsoft Ads, etc. Whilst these can contain useful information they can make it very difficult to analyse your 'All Pages' and 'Landing Pages' reports. This article will give you useful insights into how to deal with them.

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  • How to Use Google Analytics to improve your Marketing

    by Martin Woodfield / 24 Sep 20

    Watch this video to get key insights into how you should be using Google Analytics to improve your marketing.

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  • Digital Skills Gap

    by Martin Woodfield / 27 Jul 20

    The significant and growing digital skills gap poses one of the biggest threats to UK employment levels, competitiveness and productivity, according to a number of major studies.

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