Emotional Intelligence Training Course

Duration :1 DayCost: From: £590
Venues :Throughout the UK & Online

Emotional Intelligence Training

Enhance your leadership skills, professional relationships, and drive team success with our comprehensive 1 day Emotional Intelligence training course.

Emotional Intelligence Course Introduction

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a critical skill in the modern workplace.

It empowers you to communicate your ideas effectively, influence and persuade others, and lead with empathy and confidence.

During this one-day Emotional Intelligence training course you will learn how it boosts leadership capabilities by enhancing self-awareness and self-regulation, enabling better emotion management and decision-making.

You will learn techniques to improve team dynamics through empathy and social skills, build stronger relationships and conflict resolution.

A practical course that will give you the skills to take away and apply directly to your current role.

Emotional Intelligence for Leaders

On this 1 day course you will gain a deep understanding of emotional intelligence and learn how it enhances your leadership skills, enabling you to inspire and motivate your team more effectively.

You will develop self-awareness and self-regulation techniques to manage your emotions, helping you stay calm under pressure and make more rational decisions.

Learn to improve team dynamics by fostering empathy and social skills, allowing you to build stronger relationships, resolve conflicts efficiently, and create a more cohesive and collaborative work environment.

Apply emotional intelligence concepts to enhance your decision-making and leadership processes, ensuring your strategies are well-informed and considerate of your team's needs.

You will be able to practice new behaviours in a supportive, hands-on environment, providing you with the confidence and experience to apply these skills immediately in your professional life.

Emotional Intelligence Course Objectives

During this 1 day course you will develop skills and techniques to help you to:

  • Understand Emotional Intelligence and its relevance in the workplace.
  • Understand your own self-awareness
  • Enhance your emotional control
  • Produce motivational strategies
  • Improve your empathetic skills
  • Improve your communication to enhance team dynamics

Download the Emotional Intelligence course outline 

Who is the Emotional Intelligence Training For?

This 1 day course is ideal for leaders, managers and supervisors seeking to enhance their emotional control and develop effective team management.

Or professionals who are looking to improve their communication and influence in the workplace.

Emotional Intelligence Course Day Details

These are ran as private course that can be held at your our training rooms in Manchester, at your premises throughout the UK or online via Zoom or Teams.

It is a 1 day course that runs from 9:30 am to 4 pm.

The content of our In-house Emotional Intelligence courses can be tailored to your requirements or the needs of your team.

Why Choose M Training’s Emotional Intelligence Training?

  • Convenient locations in Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds and online
  • We provide one-to-one and private group courses throughout the UK
  • Delegate manuals provided
  • Lunch & refreshments provided (when courses are held at our offices)
  • 3 Months Online Support
  • Certificate of achievement
  • Expert Trainers
  • Custom Content
  • Learn Practical Skills
  • Tailored Course Content
  • Convenient Locations

Select from the tabs below to find out more:

One-to-one and private group classroom Emotional Intelligence training courses are available from £590 + VAT.

Online private Emotional Intelligence Courses are available from £550 + VAT

We are happy to run private Emotional Intelligence courses at your offices anywhere in the UK, at our Manchester training rooms, or at a venue to suit you.

To enquire about a private Emotional Intelligence course please complete the form below.

Private Emotional Intelligence Course

Emotional Intelligence Course Outline

  • Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

    Understand the foundational concepts of EI and its relevance in the workplace.

  • The Five Components of Emotional Intelligence

    Explore the core components: Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation, Motivation, Empathy, and Social Skills.

  • Self-Awareness

    Techniques to increase your self-awareness and recognize your emotional triggers.

  • Self-Regulation

    Tools and strategies to enhance your emotional control and manage stress.

  • Motivation & Leadership

    Discover motivational strategies that drive leadership success and team engagement.

  • Empathy in Management

    Develop and apply empathetic skills to foster a supportive and productive work environment.

  • Social Skills & Team Dynamics

    Improve your social interactions to enhance team collaboration and dynamics.

Emotional Intelligence Courses Manchester

Our Manchester Venue:
All our Emotional Intelligence courses in Manchester are run from 9.30am to 4.00pm at our head office:

Base, Greenheys Lane, Manchester Science Park, M15 6LR

Public Parking:
The closest public parks are:

MSP Visitor Car Park on Denmark Road - 5 min walk

Cecil Street Car Park - 5 min walk

Train Stations

Manchester Oxford Road Train Station - 15 min walk

Manchester Piccadilly Train Station - 30 min walk

Please let us know in advance if you have any mobility issues and will need any assistance. Disabled parking is provided.

More Information about our Manchester training courses, along with a map, can be found on our Manchester Training Page

Please let us know in advance if you have any mobility issues and will need any assistance. Disabled parking is provided.

More Information about our Manchester training courses, along with a map, can be found on our Manchester Training Page

Online Emotional Intelligence Courses

The Online Emotional Intelligence courses are run on Zoom.

You will be sent a link to join the training session the day before the course along with any course materials needed.

The courses run from 9:30 am to 4/4:30 pm. 

Because we limit the number of delegates to a maximum of 6 on our public courses specific timings are flexible, but generally, the day will run as follows:

9.20 am | Sign in

9.30 am | Start - First session

11.00 am | 15 min break

11.15 am |  Second session

12.30 pm  | 30 min break

1.00 pm  | Third session

2.15 pm | 15 min break

2.30 pm | Fourth session

3.50 pm | Finish & Q&A

4.30pm | End

Find out more about how our online courses work on the Online Courses Page

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