Project Management Course

Duration :1 Day
Venues :Manchester

  • 6 No more than 6 delegates
  • 5 star rated courses
  • Practice led learning
  • 3 month online support
  • Lunch & refreshments provided

Project Management Fundamentals Training Course

During this one day training course you will learn Project Management theory and practical skills to enhance your performance as a Project Manager and ensure the success of your projects.

Project Management Course Overview

Many Project Managers have developed naturally into the position with little guidance or formal training.  This can result in sub-optimal project performance, and stress for the Project Manager and stakeholders.

People attending this one day Project Management Fundamentals course will gain a comprehensive knowledge of the key skills and techniques required to set Project Strategy and drive Project Performance.

Our Fundamentals of Project Management Course is for anybody who has not previously had formal training in Project Management, and also Project Managers who want to to learn skills and tools to put the theories into practice in real projects.

Project Management Fundamentals- Course Objectives

Using the tools and techniques you acquire throughout the day you will

  • Become familiar with Project Management terminology, and the responsibilities of a Project Manager
  • Develop an appreciation of how to set the project strategy, including the degree of front-loading of activities ahead of project milestones
  • Understand the need for active decisions on time, cost, quality and scope.
  • Understand principles of work breakdown structure, scheduling, forecasting and critical path
  • Gain confidence to use standard Project Management software to create a Gantt chart
  • Develop a risk management plan, and understand principles of how to use this to reduce project risks
  • Practice setting targets that drive project delivery
  • Learn tools to track project progress
  • Learn the importance of managing stakeholders, and explore alternative communication approaches

Who should attend our Project Management Fundamentals Training?

  • Anyone who manages projects, or aspects of projects, who has not yet received project management training, or would appreciate ‘refresher’ training.
  • Anyone who wishes to become a Project Manager
  • Anyone who has attended formal Project Management training (including formal qualifications) who would like to learn skills and tools to put the theories into practice in real projects. 

Why choose our Project Management course?

The event will be highly interactive, using a combination of real project examples from the trainer’s own experience and interactive exercises for delegates to gain confidence to apply the skills, using examples from their own projects if they wish.  The course emphasises practical approaches to implement Project Management principles to address real project challenges and deliver successful projects.
The small class sizes of 6 or less allow you to have personalised coaching throughout the course.

Project Management

  • Manchester

    £295 + VAT
  • 24 June 2019
  • 16 September 2019

The Fundamentals of Successful Project Management

Project Management Course

  • Constraints of Project Management

    Triple constraint: choosing the right balance of time, cost and quality

  • Work Breakdown Structure

    How to breakdown your projects for more effective management

  • Ghantt Charts

    Step by step instructions to create a Ghantt chart

  • Estimating Project Schedules and Costs

    Techniques and tools to help estimate projects schedules and costs

  • Critical Path Analysis

    Understanding the critical path and the critial path method in project management.

  • Front Loading / Back Loading

    When and how you should use front-loading and back-loading in project management

  • Risk Management

    How to anticipate risks and techniques to keep your project on track.

  • Meetings

    How to plan ahead for effective meetings that drive delivery

  • Tracking Progress

    Methods and tools for tracking the progress of your project.

  • Project Communications

    Tailoring communications to meet the needs of diverse stakeholders.

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