Key Business Skills Training Courses

  • Effective Communication Skills Training

    min-communications skills training manchester min The Effective Communication Skills Training Course is a one day course which provides managers and team leaders with a range of skills to help them communicate effectively.
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  • Presentation Skills Training

    presentation-skills-course-thumb-min The focus of this course is to help delegates deliver presentations in a more relaxed, confident and professional manner.
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  • Project Management Course

    project management training manchester - mtraining A one day theory and practical skills course to enhance your project management skills.
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  • Time Management Course

    time-management-thumb-min Become more efficient and effective through planning, preparation and effective time management.
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  • Train the Trainer

    train-the-trainer-course-thumb-min This is a one day course that will provide you with the skills required to carry out effective training in the workplace.
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  • Sales Training Course

    sales training course manchester This is an introductory course to “needs-based selling” using the IMPACT selling model. Delegates are taken through a series of syndicate sessions which will develop insight and understanding of the sales process.
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  • Public Speaking Training

    Public Speaking Course-min The Public Speaking course is a one day course which provides you with the tools and techniques to be more confident with your public speaking.
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  • Resilience Training

    Resilience Training This one day practical Resilience training course will look at the way we handle stress at work and in our personal lives and its direct impact on our future success.
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  • Confidence Building Course

    Confidence Building Course This is a one day practical course that will give you strategies to handle the things life throws at you, whether it’s becoming more confident at speaking in public, learning a new skill or dealing with unexpected situations.
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