Digital Marketing Courses

  • Google Analytics

    Google analytics training tn This is a one day training course that will give you a good understanding of how to set up Google Analytics, how it works, what data you can obtain and how to use the data to improve your website performance and your marketing.
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  • Search Engine Optimisation

    seo course tn This is a one day training course that will give you a good understanding of how search engines rank your web pages, how to identify the best keywords to target and how to implement a Search Engine Optimisation programme.
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  • Google AdWords Training

    google-adwords-summary Find out how to create a cost effective, highly targeted PPC advertising campaign using the power of Google AdWords
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  • 2 Day Digital Marketing Training Course

    Digital marketing course tn This is a two day training course that will give you a good overview of all the key elements of Digital Marketing and provide the key practical skills you need for SEO, Analytics, AdWords, CRO, Email Marketing & Social Media.
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  • Email Marketing Training

    email marketing tn This is a one day training course that sets out good practice in the design, writing, building and executing of successful email marketing campaigns.
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  • Advanced SEO Training Course

    advanced-seo-course-logo This is a 1 day Private course focusing Advanced technical features of SEO. Ideal if you already have a basic knowledge of SEO.
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  • MailChimp Training Course

    mailchimp-logo This is a one day training course that covers the essential knowledge and skills you need to create, run and monitor effective email campaigns with MailChimp
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  • Social Media Course

    social media thumbnail This is a one day Social Media training course covering the essentials of building and executing an effective social media strategy.
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  • Website Design & Optimisation Course

    website optimisation course manchester Learn how to improve your website and get more of your visitors to convert into leads or sales.
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  • Blogging Training Course

    blogging-course-manchester Our training course on blogging explores how businesses and individuals can exploit the power of using blogs to generate a following, improve their marketing, growing your readership.
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  • Social Media Advertising Training

    Social advertising Find out how to use Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn Advertising (and others on request) to grow your business.
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