Cyber Security Awareness Training Course - Level 1

Duration :1 dayCost: From £250
Venues :Manchester | Online | Private Courses UK Wide

Cyber Security Awareness Course (Level 1)

Learn how to defend yourself and your organisation from the potentially devastating risks and types of cyber-attacks that most businesses face. This 5-star rated training course equips you with practical strategies in just one day.

Cyber Security Training Course Introduction

Cybercrime affects more and more organisations every year, with criminals looking to steal your most valuable business assets from sensitive data to finances.

This 1-day Cyber Security Awareness course is designed to give you a much greater understanding of the essentials of cyber security and the steps you can take to protect yourself.

This course will look at different aspects of Cyber Security including understanding the risks; how to identify them; and how to protect themselves and their organisation.

This course takes you from Introduction to Intermediate Level.

Cyber Security Awareness

During this 1 day course, you will use a combination of theory and practical exercises to learn the essential cyber security awareness skills you need to better protect yourself and your organisation.

Looking at different types of cyber attacks and how to identify them, the steps you can take to reduce the risks and what to do if an attack happens.

You’ll also learn about protecting yourself while browsing the internet, using emails, social media or public wifi spots.

After the course, you will also be provided with helpful course notes for your own reference as well as 3 months of online support.

What is covered on this Cyber Security Awareness Course?

Below is a summary of the topics covered on the 1-day Introduction to Cyber Security course

  • Understanding Cyber Security and its importance
  • Understanding the risks of Cyber Crime
  • Types of Cyber Attacks & how to spot them
  • Learn how to reduce risk of Cyber Attacks
  • Cloud / Network Security - Best Practice
  • Keeping secure when browsing the web
  • Keeping secure on Social Media
  • Keeping secure on email
  • Keeping your mobile device secure
  • Keeping your physical workspace secure
  • Keeping secure at home
  • Staying secure when working remotely 

For a full course outline, see the Course Outline tab on the menu below - or click here to download the course brochure.

Who Should Attend this Introduction to Cyber Security Course?

Whether you have a basic understanding of Cyber security, or you are a complete beginner, this course is designed for you.

Pre-course Requirements

You do not need any prior knowledge of Cyber Security to attend this course.

Cyber Security Awareness Course - Day Details

Our Cyber Security courses are practical courses with small class sizes, a maximum of 6 delegates, which allows for plenty of time to interact with the trainer and ask any questions!

These are held as in-person classroom courses, or as live, online courses (over Zoom/Teams). All courses, run from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm, with plenty of breaks.

Manchester & Online Public Courses

Our scheduled public Cyber Security Courses are run in Manchester & Online. Dates for these can be found below.

Private / Bespoke Intro to Cyber Security Training

We run private one-to-one and group Cyber Security Courses at our training centres, or at a location to suit you, anywhere in the UK. These can also be held Online.

See the Private Course tab further down the page for more information.

Why Choose M Training's Cyber Security Courses?

  • Run by a highly experienced Cyber Security trainer & consultant 
  • Public courses are limited to 6 places so you are guaranteed personal support throughout the course
  • From £250 + VAT per delegate
  • Available as a private course anywhere in the UK
  • Available as a public course in Manchester or Online
  • Course notes and support material provided
  • Lunch and refreshments provided
  • Certificate of achievement
  • 5 Star Rated in Google Reviews

Protect your organisation’s reputation by reducing the impact of cyber threats!

  • 5 star rated courses
  • 3 month online support
  • Live With A Trainer
  • 6 Small Class Sizes
  • Practical Exercises
  • Supplied Course Materials
  • Q&A Opportunities
  • Held on Zoom
  • Certificate Provided
  • Online Courses Available
  • Expert Trainers
  • Convenient Locations

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Introduction to Cyber Security Course dates

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Online Cyber Security Courses

Timings:  Our public online Cyber Security training courses start at 9:30am and will finish around 4:30pm with plenty of breaks. Timings for private courses can be arranged to suit you.

Payment: Once booked an invoice will be sent which can be paid by Credit Card, via Bank Transfer, or Cheque.


Our Online one-to-one and private group training courses in Cyber Security are available from £550 + VAT (6 hours).


Highly Interactive: You will see the trainer, their screen, and be able to chat/ask questions.

Ongoing Support: After the course, you receive the course notes, certificate, and 3 months of online support.

Contact us if you want to book a private online Cyber Security course

Click here for information about how our online Courses work

Classroom Based Courses

Timings: The Intro to Cyber Security course starts at 9:30 am and will finish around 4:30 pm with 45 mins for lunch. Timings for private courses can be arranged to suit you.

Payment: Once booked an invoice will be sent which can be paid by Credit Card, via Bank Transfer, or Cheque

Lunch & Refreshments: A great lunch and plenty of tea/coffee & biscuits are provided on all courses run at our Manchester centre.


One-to-one and private group courses are available for Cyber Security Training from £590 + VAT (Full Day)

These courses are ideal if you cannot make one of the set course dates or if you already know the basics and want something more specific.

After the course, you receive the course notes, certificate, and 3 months of online support.

More Information can be found on the Private Course Enquiry Tab (above) or call us on 0161 226 6032 or contact us

One-to-one and private group Cyber Security courses are available in classroom format from £590 + VAT (1 Day)

Online Private courses are available from £550 + VAT (1 Day)

These courses are ideal if you cannot make one of the set course dates or if you want a different course outline/focus.

The training can be held at your premises anywhere throughout the UK or held at our training centre in Manchester or Online.


To book please email or call 0161 226 6032 to discuss your requirements.

 To get a quote please complete the form below or call us.

Cyber Security Awareness Course - Level 1

  • Understanding Cyber Security

    What is cyber security? Why is it important to you?
    Facts & statistics about cyber crime
    What Makes A Cyber Criminal - Cyber criminals aren’t just hooded villains typing away in dark basements. Learn about what motivates cyber criminals - and how this knowledge can help you stay secure.

  • Types of Cyber Attacks

    Find out about the comon types of cyber attacks including Denial Of Service Attack, Ransomware, Malware, Drive by Download, Phishing, Vishing, Smishing, Rouge Software, Malvertising, & Man In The Middle.

  • Cloud Security

    Learn the essentials of cloud security including:

    What security issues are related to the use of cloud-based services?

    How can you ensure that your accounts and data remain secure? 

  • Home Network Security Awareness

    Learn how to keep your home network up-to-date and protected.

  • Phishing Awareness

    Learn about the risks of phishing, and how you can protect yourself and your organisation.

  • Physical Security

    What is physical security, and why does it matter?

    Learn about the physical security risks that could compromise the safety of your workplace, and how to help keep your office secure.

  • Public WiFi

    Why can public Wi-Fi hotspots pose a potential threat to data security, and how can you keep your data protected?

    Learn how to stay secure on public Wi-Fi networks.

  • Removal Media

    Removable media such as USB drives are useful for transferring data, but without proper caution they can expose sensitive data and systems. Learn how to use removable media securely.

  • Secure Email Use

    Learn about the risks that email can pose, and how to help keep your company and customer data secure.

  • Secure Internet

    Learn how to browse safely and about the risks of insecure internet use.

  • Secure Passwords & Authentication

    What actually is a secure password, and why does it really matter?

    Learn how to protect your accounts with strong passwords and secure authentication.

  • Secure Social Media Use

    Discover how cyber criminals can use social media to harvest information for many purposes.

    Learn how to stay safe and protect your information on social media.

  • Security at Home

    Cybersecurity threats are just as real when you’re at home as they are in the workplace.

    Find out how to keep yourself secure when at home.

  • Social Engineering

    What are social engineering scams, and how might they target you?

    Learn how to recognise and combat social engineering attempts.

  • Videoconference Security Awareness

    Learn how to keep your videoconferences secure (eg Zoom calls etc)

  • VPN Awareness

    Learn what VPNs are, what they do, and when you should use one.

  • Working Remotely

    Why is it important to stay secure when working remotely, and what should you do and not do when away from the workplace? 

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