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  • Top UK Directories to Get Listings

    1 Jun 2020

    The UK's Top Business Directories

    You should already be listed in the Worlds largest business directories; Google My Business & Bing Places; but are you listed in the below UK directories?

    These are all decent quality directories with an Ahrefs Domain Rating (DR) of over 30 (checked on 20th April 2020).

    Some will be running 'no-follow' attributes but that shouldn't stop you getting a free listing. You may get the occasional website visitor and the link may be counted by Google and used to assess the authority of your website; which in turn affects your ranking in Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.

    Before you start make sure you have a decent company profile written - ideally 3 or 4 of different lengths as some directories allow more details than others. Don't just coppy a bit of text from your website.

    Top 21 Business Directories to get a link from:

    Google My Business (Essential)  

    The world's largest directory of businesses. Getting a listing with GMB is essential for small & medium businesses and you can do a lot than just have a listing, such as such write posts, add services, add photos, promote events etc.

    It is all free and your information appears in Google Search & Google Maps and Local Pack.

    Bing Places for Business (Important) 

    Microsoft's version of Google My Business.  Similar facilities but your listings appear in Bing Search, Bing Maps and local pack.

    Apple Maps

    Get your business to appear on Apple maps. Domain Rating 97   

    You should already be in Yell - but check. It is probably the biggest and most used UK directory after Google My Business & Bing Places, Domain Rating 91   

    More focused on shops and retail but has a lot of categories and allows you to add a free listing. Domain Rating 83     

    Free listing are available. You can add a profile, upload photos and give your organisation a decent profile, but it is limited on the free edition to one location. Domain Rating 82 

    You can claim your free business directory listing on Thomson Local to display your business phone number and a link to your website to customers searching in your area. Domain Rating 77

    This business directory focuses on businesses that provide 5 star services. It is free to be listed, you just have to sumit your business for review. Domain Rating 77

    This website has a couple of extra steps to list your company as you have to also remember to claim it. However once you have claimed it you can add a logo and a picture and a bit of info about your company. Domain Rating 77

    A directory for small businesses, it allows you to list your contact information and a short description of your company. Domain Rating 77

    Scoot allows you to list your key contact information, as well as your social media links and key services. Domain Rating 76  

    1 Million listings from 247 countries, this directory is a bit more focused on things to do but does have local services. Domain Rating 71  

    Let's you add content to your profile and upload a photo. Domain Rating 69

    You can list your website for free on this B2B listing website, including all your details and brief description. To add a logo you do have to upgrade, however that's not necessary for a backlink. Domain Rating 61

    This website has gold, silver and free listing options depending upon how much information and how many links you would like to add. Domain Rating 52  

    Gives you a free listing but if you want an actual link you have to pick one of their paid for plans. Domain Rating 52

    To list your website you have the option of paying, putting a reciprocal link on your website or waiting a bit longer for your website to be approved. We were unable to submit the form using the latter option. Domain Rating 49  

    Layed out like Scoot, Touch Local Scoot allows you to list your key contact information, as well as your social media links and key services. Domain Rating 48

    Opening Times lets you list your company name, address, website and opening hours. Domain Rating 43  

    A wholesale directory for wholesale distributors and suppliers in the UK. Domain Rating 38  

    Locanto allows you to list your website, a profile picture and give a bit of information about yourself. Domain Rating 37


    Directories Not to Bother With

    Acquired by Yelp in 2012 the site now just redirects to Yelp so if you're registered there then you're all sorted.  

    Quite a well known directory which allows you to add a free listing but it doesn't give you a backlink. Domain Rating 75  

    Cylex normally has a Domain Rating of 74 but at time of writing the website doesn't appear to be working, and looking on their twitter feed it looks like other customers have been having the same problem for at least a fortnight.

    Business Directory UK give users the option of various paid and free options, however with the free option you are required to add HTML code you your website before you can submit your site for review. Business Directory UK's site say the review process can take up to 6 months. Despite their domain ranking we'd recommend you steer clear. Domain Rating 74

    A B2B directory that allows customers to request quotes via the site. Unfortunately the site doesn't display their pricing systems, instead asking businesses to request a callback to receive a quote. Domain Rating 66

    B2B is pretty much the same as Business Directory UK, with the same look/style and same pricing structure, although it is slightly cheaper. Domain Rating 58

    A paid for link site that lets you list your company name, a short sentence about your business and a link to your site. Domain Rating 42

    This listing website does give you lots of opportunities to add lots of info about your company but all 3 of there price plans are very expensive for what it offers. Domain Rating 31


    We hope this has helped you get going with your link building programme.

    Remember - if it isn't relevant, don't bother to get a link.

    Good luck with your link building.


    Authors & Contributors:

    Martin Woodfield
    Nicola Lester-Price

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