Whats is Communication Training?

  • Whats is Communication Training?

    16 Nov 2021

    The ability for you to interact effectively and efficiently with your colleagues is a vital part of everyday business. Misunderstanding can often cause friction or result in things being missed.

    In this article, we’ll look at how Communication skills courses can help you to improve your communication skills.


    What are Communication Skills?

    What Are Communication Skills?

    Each time we interact with another person, whether it be face to face, via email or over the phone we are using a range of different communication skills.

    Communication skills aren’t just about how we speak or the words that we use, it is also subtle gestures, such as body language, tone of voice, active listening and questioning skills.

    The communication skills we use also vary depending on who we are communicating with, their behavioural style and what it is we want them to do.


    What is Communication Skills Training?

    What is Communication Skills Training

    Communication training aims to help you to improve your current communication skills and learn new ones to help you to communicate effectively with other people within your business.

    It will enable you to communicate your opinions, give instructions, motivate and instruct colleagues in an effective and efficient manner.

    The training will help you to identify barriers of communication that come up in everyday life and how different behavioural styles can affect the way people communicate.

    It will teach you to understand these scenarios and how you can change your own communication style to engage with others in a professional manner.


    What will you learn on a Communication course?

    What will you learn on a communication skills course?

    Communication training courses will guide you through theoretical and practical examples of communication skills, such as

    • -Active Listening
    • -The Different Types of Communication
    • -The Communication Cycle
    • -Assertiveness
    • -Communication Barriers
    • -Questioning Skills

    The training will also help you to identify your own communication skills, where improvements can be made and how changes can impact your interaction with others and how others interact with you.


    Why should you go on a Communication course?

    Why go on a Communication Skills Course?

    Whilst you can find many articles around the internet which can give you’re a good insight into Communication skills, as well as pointers of what you should focus on to improve, a training course with a live trainer can benefit you much more.

    A good Communication skills course will allow you to ask the trainer questions or provide background information about specific issues you may be having with certain scenarios or people.

    The trainer will then be able to adapt the training so that it is relevant to you and your experiences. They will also be able to offer insight into possible solutions or advise on skills you can practice and utilise.

    With a public course, you will also benefit from being around other delegates (even virtually) from different industries and with different experiences. This will give you a broader insight into Communication and your own communication skills than just what the trainer is teaching you.

    In most cases, you will also be provided with course materials, for you to complete on the day and/or to take away. This will help to embed your learning and give you a handy resource to refer back to.


    Hopefully, this article has answered some of your questions about Communication skills courses. But if you do have any others please let us know, get in touch on info@mtraining.co.uk

    M Training runs 5-star rated Communication skills training courses, in the classroom and as a live interactive course via Zoom/Teams. 

    These courses are held as public, scheduled courses and are also available as private courses. 


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