Google Ads Grant Rules - how to avoid suspension

  • Has your Google Ads Grants Account Been Suspended?

    11 Oct 2019

    Your Google Ads account has been suspended - what do you do?

    Many charities and not-for-profits have had their Google Ads Grants account suspended for not following the rules that were changed in 2018.


    So the first thing to do is understand the top 10 changes... 

    1. Good news - The $2/bid limit has been lifted.  The $10,000 a month limit and the $329 a day limit have not changed.

    2. You must install Google Ads tracking on your website.

    3. If you have over 500 clicks a month you must select the "Maximise Conversions" bid strategy.

    4. Your Google Ad Grants account must maintain a 5% click-through rate (CTR) each month. If the 5% standard isn't met for two consecutive months, the account will be cancelled.  So you must bid for keywords that are likely to drive click-through.

    5. Your organisation must own the primary domain you are using for your Google Ads landing pages. Your Google ads can only point to the primary domain approved during your application process (You can only add other domains later, by completing the 'additional domain request form').

    6. You must use Geotargetting - So you can't target the world! If you are a local charity you should target locally in the relevant areas.

    7. You must have at least 2 enabled / live Ad Groups and a minimum of two enabled ads with at least two sitelink extensions running.

    8. Your keywords must have a Quality Score of 3 or more

    9. Single or overly generic keywords are not allowed - e.g. charity or donate or homeless or cancer or kids or animals or Africa or Christmas - are all too generic and cannot be used. 

    10. Branded phrases such as the name of other charities or major brands cannot be used - except your own charity / not-for-profit organisational brand name(s)


    Other things you should consider 

    You will receive a notification in your Google Ads account if your account is likely to get suspended or has been suspended.

    You must complete the Google Ads Grant Engagement Survey (annually). So make sure you have opted into notifications.

    If you are struggling to get 5% CTR then Google Ads Express accounts are exempted from the 5% CTR minimum, and the tracking code requirement, because Google automatically manages most of the campaign.

    Changes you may need to make to your website?

    Your site must have a clear description of your organisation and its mission/goals.

    Each page on your site must have sufficient information for visitors to understand your organisation’s mission.

    You must not make claims that promise results after the provision of a service or purchase. Claims on your website must be referenced to provide transparency to users.

    The main purpose of your website can't be commercial activity, such as the sale of goods, generating advertising revenue, providing referrals. 

    Any commercial activity must be to support your organisation's charitable mission/goals.

    If your organisation charges for any goods or services, you must make it clear how your organisation uses any funds generated, for example, a link to an annual report.

    If your website includes third party ads these must be minimal and non-obtrusive. The ads must be relevant to the organisational mission. The website should not be used to generate advertising revenue through any affiliate marketing/display network advertising.

    Your website must function well and not contain broken links.

    What can I do if it is going to take a while to change to meet these rules?

    If you're having trouble meeting these requirements, you can switch your account to Google Ads Express account (Express is exempted from suspension). You can do this yourself or by calling Google Ads support.  You can switch back to Expert mode once you have met the requirements.

    If you want to know more ask your Google account manager or call the help number listed on your Google Ads account.

    If you want to know how to run a successful campaign try one of our Google Ads courses or ask about our private Google Ads courses.  We offer a generous discount for Charities and not-for-profit organisations.


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