Private Excel Courses

Duration : Half Day, One Day or Two 2 Day Courses
Venues : Online and throughout the UK

  • 5 star rated courses
  • Practice led learning
  • 3 month online support
  • Tailored Course Content
  • Expert Trainers

Private Excel Courses

We will work with you to asses your teams skills in Excel and build you a perfect course to meet your requirements.

If you are looking for a bespoke Excel course tailored to your needs, for one or more people, we can help.

We have four Excel trainers who can cover almost any aspect of Excel that you want to learn.

For details of the modules we offer please see the bottom of the page.

Private Excel Courses to Meet your Needs

Initially, we will send you a list of modules you can choose from.  In addition we will talk to you to get more information about the course you want.

We will then send a document showing the topics we will cover during the course for you to agree on.

Our private Excel courses are 5 Star Rated by delegates because they are so useful and relevant.


Your place or ours?

We can run your private Excel Courses at our Manchester centre or at your offices anywhere in the UK.

We also offer private online courses.

Alternatively, we can book a venue at a place of your choosing.


Bespoke Excel Course Length & Costs

As standard, our excel courses run one day to two days depending on your requirements.  Half-day courses are also available.

Once we have agreed on the course content, we will know how long we will need to prepare the course and deliver the training.

Costs for a full day private classroom-based courses can start for as little as £690 + VAT.

Private Online courses start at £190 for a half-day or £350 for a full day.

Costs vary by the content required, the location of the course and the number of delegates (Recommended max of 10 people on one course).

We will send you a quote once we know roughly how many delegates you want to put on the course and where the Excel course will be held. 

Courses are usually run from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm but times can be changed to suit you.


Enquire about Private Excel Courses

Choose from the topics below or ask to speak to one of our Excel trainers to discuss the content of your course:

Bespoke Excel Courses

  • Using Excel

    • Cell Referencing
    • Entering numbers & Text
    • Summing a column of numbers
    • Entering a date
    • Worksheets & Wookbooks
    • Saving a Workbook
    • Creating a new Workbook
    • Opening a Workbook
    • Switching between Workbooks
    • Help
  • Selection Techniques

    • Selecting a cell
    • Selecting a cell range, rows & columns
  • Manipulating Rows & Columns

    • Inserting Rows & Columns
    • Deleting Rows & Columns
    • Column Widths & Row Heights
    • Freezing Rows & Columns
  • Manipulating Cells & Cell Content

    • Copying a cell or Range Contents
    • Editing & Deleting Cell Contents
    • Moving Contents of a Cell or Range
    • Undo & Redo
    • Autofill
    • Sorting
    • Searching & Replacing


  • Worksheets

    • Renaming a Worksheet
    • Inserting a new Worksheet
    • Deleting a Worksheet
    • Copying & moving a Worksheet
  • Basic Formatting

    • Font type, size & colour
    • Bold, italic & underline
    • Border formatting & background colour
    • Aligning content & cell orientation
    • Text wrapping
    • Format painter


  • Basic Excel Functions

    • Creating & Copying Formulas
    • Using Operators (+ -  * / etc)
    • Formula Error Messages
    • Relative & Absolute Cell Referencing
  • Customising Excel

    • Modifying Excel Options
    • Minimising the Ribbon
    • Auto-correct Options
  • Working with Formulas

    • Getting Help
    • Nested Functions
    • Consolidation Data using a 3-D Reference Sum Function
    • Mixing References with Formulas
  • Set-up & Printing Issues

    • Worksheet Margins
    • Worksheet Orientation & Page Size
    • Headers & Footers
    • Header & Footer Fields
    • Scaling your Worksheet
    • Printing Titles, Rows and Column Headings
    • Spell Check & Review Options
    • Viewing Workbooks (side by side)
    • Printing Options
  • Excel Formulas

    • Date: NOW | TODAY | DAY | MONTH | YEAR
    • Mathematical: ROUND | ROUNDDOWN | ROUNDUP
    • \logical / Statistical: SUMIF | COUNT | COUNTA | COUNTIF | COUNTBLANK | RANK
    • Financial: FV | PV | NPV| RATE| PMT
    • Lookup: VLOOKUP | HLOOKUP


  • Named Ranges

    • Naming Cell Ranges
    • Removing a Named Range
    • Named Cell Ranges & Functions
  • Advanced Cell Formatting

    • Applyling Styles to a Range
    • Conditional Formatting
    • Custom Number Formats
  • Paste Special Options

    • Using Paste Special for Add, Subtract, Multiply & Divide
    • Using Paste Special 'Values'
    • Using Paste Special Transpose Option
  • Pivot Tables

    • Using Pivot Tables
    • Filtering & Sorting Data
    • Grouping Data
  • Input Tables

    • One-input Data Tables
    • Two-input Data Tables
  • Charts

    • Line & Column Charts
    • Adding a Secondary Axis
    • Changing Chart Type
    • Adding & Removing a Data Series
    • Chart Titles, Legend & Data Labels
    • Chart Axis Scales
    • Inserting Images
    • Formatting the Chart Area
  • Linking & Embedding & Importing

    • Inserting, Editing & Removing Hyperlinks
    • Linking Data within a Worksheet
    • Linking Cells between Worksheets within a Workbook
    • Linking Data between Workbooks
    • Linking to Word
    • Updating, Breaking and Locking Links
    • Importing a Delimited Text File
  • Tracking & Reviewing Changes

    • Tracking Changes
    • Sharing, Comparing & Merging Worksheets
  • Sorting & Filtering Data

    • Sorting by Multiple Columns
    • Custom Sorts & Customized Lists
    • AutoFilters & Advanced Filter Criteria
    • Sub Totalling & Removing Sub Totals
    • Expanding & Collapsing Outline Details
  • Macros

    • Using Macros
    • Assigning a Macro to a Button
    • Editing & Deleting Macros
  • Scenarios

    • Scenario Manager
    • Scenario Summary Reports
  • Validation

    • Whole Number
    • Decimal Number
    • List
    • Date & Time
    • Text Length
  • Auditing

    • Tracing Precedent Cells
    • Tracing Dependent Cells
    • Identifying Cells with Missing Dependents
    • Showing All Formulas
    • Comments
  • Security

    • Password Protection
    • Protecting Cells & Worksheets
    • Hiding Formulas
  • Beginners Excel Training Course

    beginner-excel-course.jpg This is a one day training course that gives you an introduction to using Microsoft Excel features and shortcuts. It is designed for anyone who only has a little (or no knowledge) of using Excel.
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  • Advanced Excel Course

    advanced-excel-course.jpg This is a one day training course that takes you through some of the more advanced features of Excel. It is designed for people who know the basics but want to extend their knowledge/skills in using Excel.
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  • Powerpoint Training Course

    powerpoint-course.jpg Learn how to create a more impressive PowerPoint presentation using the extensive features of PowerPoint.
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  • Word Course for Beginners

    beginner-word-course.jpg This is a practical 1 day course that will teach you the essentials skills you need to get started with Microsoft Word creating simple yet effective documents
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