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  • Content Marketing - Is it right for your business?

    2 Oct 2017

    Content marketing involves the creation and sharing of online material such as videos, blogs, and social media posts, that does not explicitly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services. But is it worth it?

    According to a Content Marketing Institute survey, although most (88%) of marketers used content marketing, only 32% of them had a content marketing strategy.

    The Result: Lots of content but a poor return on investment

    However there are some incredible examples where content marketing is the driving force for the whole business such as Lego and Red Bull  for example. 

    Check our the Red Bull website - there is very little mention of their products - just content targeting their key audiences.

    In this blog article we are just going to go through the initial first steps that you need to go through to assess your content marketing, or if you haven't started this will help you start off in the right way.

    Step 1  Identify your audiences and create personas for these audiences

    Who are you talking t. What are they interested in. What do they enjoy. 

    What tone and language would be most suited to them

    Step 2  Content Marketing Objectives

    The first mistake organisations make when using content marketing is not having a clear objectives.  When asked many people who are being asked to create content are unclear why they are doing it.

    So first set your your objectives: Here are some things you might look to achieve - but each business is different and so there is no right answer.

    Customer Acquisition

    Create and distribute valuable content to attract and acquire a defined audience onto your website or blog.

    Customer Loyalty

    Create and distribute valuable content to engage and reward a defined audience and add value to your proposition.

    Social and environmental

    Create and distribute valuable content to engage a defined audience for the purposes of social and environmental good.

    Internal Stakeholders loyalty and motivation

    Create and distribute valuable content to your internal stakeholders to improve loyalty, engagement, well-being and motivation.


    Are they realistic? Are they RITE?

    One thing you must bear in mind when considering your content marketing objectives is are they realistic - do we really have the resources to create really great content?

    All the objectives shown above say 'valuable content' - without content that adds value to your audience your content marketing is dead in the water.

    So don't think about schedules and how many times you are going to post new content - think quality.

    One really great article is better than ten average ones.

    Ask yourself is it RITE?

    R = Relevant

    Is the content you are creating very relevant to your audience - will they find it of value to them.

    I - Interesting

    As well as relevant your content needs to be interesting - that means easy to digest and emotionally or mentally stimulating

    T = Timely

    Not every article has to be timely but being 'of the moment' can make a big difference to how easy it is to promote and whether your audience will think it is worth reading and sharing.

    E = Entertaining

    If it isn't relevant, interesting or timely - it has to be entertaining. Making content that is entertaining of funny is very hard but entertaining content is much more likely to be shared or go viral.

    So think about the content you are creating - if it doesn't satisfy RITE and isn't great quality don't waste your time.


    Step   Identify your content creators and managers

    Critical to a good content marketing strategy is having the right people to create the content.  You can look internally and externally but make sure you know what you are looking for...

    • Enthusiastic communicators
    • Good writers
    • Creative writers
    • Video enthusiasts
    • Photography enthusiasts
    • Great speakers
    • Subject matter experts
    • Love your brand / products


    Make sure they understand your band values and voice and make sure they are trained in the use of all the platforms they are going to use.

    If they are going to respond to comments make sure they know how to deal with disgruntled customers and trolls. 

    Also make sure they really know your products and services - or who to direct people to when necessary.


    The Content Marketing Steps to Success

    contnetn marketing lifecycle





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